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What is a Learning Project?

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Polytechnics studying and teaching are labor-intensive. Learning combines practical skill and understanding of work-related characteristics. Independent information acquisition is also emphasized in the studies.

Working-oriented research, development and teaching form a solid triangle where the polytechnic can develop as a distinctive, evolving and reflective institution, while benefiting the working and business life.

The learning projects that University of Applied Sciences implements and where it comes from are based on the needs of customers and thus support the operating conditions of companies and communities in the region. Learning projects also support student learning and increase the competence of polytechnic staff. Learning projects are implemented in close cooperation with the student, working life and Kajaani University of Applied Sciences.

What is a Learning Project?

A learning project is a form of learning in which student teams make an assignment-based study, product, event, or other output.

In project learning, the project must be primarily a learning process. Project learning serves students’ active activities, where they themselves set goals for their work and participate in the evaluation of the whole project and their own activities.

The activity is based on the learner’s activity and responsibility for own learning. In the project, learners collect material to solve a particular problem. They work together in solidarity and at the same time learn not only the knowledge and skills they need, but also the skills to acquire and process information. In the project, learning becomes a process in which holistic thinking develops.

Projects do not yet guarantee a high level of learning. In addition to doing projects, you need to learn to understand what was done, why you were successful and how to do it better. (see Reflection) Responsibility also continues to be an assessment that is an integral part of the learning process as a self-assessment. Through project learning, learners’ self-orientation and interaction skills develop.

At Kajaani University of Applied Sciences, project learning is based on our pedagogical way of working: By learning the lessons of knowledge.

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