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Roles and responsibilities

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  • Guiding teacher
  • Principal
  • The project team

Learning projects are projects that take place in cooperation between the student, the polytechnic and the working life. All parties have their own roles, responsibilities and responsibilities in cooperating. Successful cooperation requires effective interaction, responsibility and purposeful work for common goals.

Guiding teacher

  • stimulator, learning resource and, if necessary, professional consultant
  • chooses project authors
  • appoint a project manager
  • decide with the employer to start, suspend and terminate the project
  • is responsible for learning process, data processing (combining theory and practice), resource management, social participation and action
  • defines learning goals with each project group and instructs them to get to know the theory, choose the perspective, and guide the essay
  • motivates students
  • supports learning and development with constructive feedback
  • helps to analyze and reflect on learning
  • works as support for work, if necessary as an expert
  • Creates a secure learning environment, an organizer of conditions
  • supports the work of the group and individuals
  • Promote teamwork
  • identify problems and assist in solving them if necessary
  • participates in the evaluation together with the group and the sponsor
  • Principal
  • Work Life Expert, Customer
  • Provide the project team with the necessary information about the company and the task field
  • accurately defines project objectives and needs (specification of requirements) together with the project manager
  • is involved throughout the project
  • give feedback on work and project progress
  • follow the progress of the project
  • participates in the evaluation
  • The project team

The student is not an expert or professional in his / her field but learns in expert tasks. However, students’ knowledge and skills should not be underestimated, as the student may have more skills in a particular area than other participants in the project. The purpose of the learning projects is to combine high-level theoretical knowledge with practical work life skills and to support the student’s professional development.

Each member of the project team:

  • is responsible for its commitment to group goals
  • is responsible for the impact of his or her way of participation on the group’s progress and atmosphere
  • acts as a feedback provider and recipient
  • participates actively and responsibly in team work
  • Promote team work with their own actions
  • bears responsibility for self-learning and goal-oriented implementation of the project
  • works as support for other group members
  • actively monitor information and project activities
  • participates in the project plan, especially with regard to their own area of activity
  • Carry out the tasks assigned to him carefully
  • keeps the project manager and the rest of the group informed of the progress of the work
  • is responsible for carrying out the tasks assigned to him and for the quality of the results
  • takes care of documenting the results of the work
  • develop your own skills according to your needs
  • participates in the evaluation of group activities and evaluates their own learning

Project manager:

  • is responsible for the whole project
  • is responsible for drafting the project plan
  • launches the project team
  • directs the group’s activities and is responsible for the economy and the achievement of goals
  • leads to project implementation, division of tasks and progress of work
  • guides project progress in the direction of goals
  • use the project team in an effective way
  • monitors and takes care of the project on schedule
  • responsible for information
  • take the necessary training
  • convenes the steering group meetings and acts as rapporteur at meetings
  • is responsible for project evaluation and documentation
  • will prepare the final report of the project

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