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Implementation and management

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Project planning and organization

The project is contracted when the student group is named. Each project has a guiding teacher who is either a teacher in a project-related course or a specially appointed teacher.

The student group project manager prepares a project plan together with the project team. The project plan records responsibilities and division of tasks. The supervising teacher will check the project plan and make any changes to the project manager.

In addition to the project objectives, individual learning goals are defined for each project group. Students will also define the theory associated with the project, which they will get acquainted with during the project. The project team and the teacher also agree on the way to combine theory and practice (eg essay, study circle). The assessment criteria for the learning project will be agreed with the teacher and the project team.

Starting a project

The project meeting will review / approve the project plan and review the project organization, project control, name the potential steering group members, set goals and timetable, agree on project staff responsibilities, responsibilities and project monitoring systems. The Leading Teacher, the person in charge of the company, and the Project Manager are present at the start meeting.

Project implementation

The project manager starts the project implementation according to the project plan. The project manager replies that the project can be completed within the agreed timeframe, reaching the set goals. Project learning combines learning goals and project goals.

Project Completion

The project results are presented and the project is handed over to the sponsor. The sponsor is asked for feedback on the implementation of the project (eg using the evaluation form).

At the end of the project, the project manager, the project team, the teacher and the company representative evaluated the implementation of the project at an evaluation meeting, which examines the achievement of project goals, where they were successful and what they learned.

In addition to evaluating the goals of the project, each student evaluates their own learning either on their own learning evaluation form or in their essay reflection. The same topics as in the form can be used to discuss the essay. Evaluations and other agreed documents will be handed over to the supervising teacher prior to the completion of the study.

At the end of the project, the project manager, together with the project team, will prepare a final report on the results of the project. The final report will include the contents of the original project plan, the changes made to it, and the reasons and consequences. The final report of the project compares the objectives of the project to the duration of the project. The project team looks at the project’s successes and problems realistically.

The project supervisor will go through the final report, after which any corrections will be made to the report. The final report of the steering group will review the final report and, if necessary, make changes and additions to it. The project manager will inform the other students and teachers about the results of the project.

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