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The purpose of the project activity is to combine theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge. There are many ways to do this. Below you will find a thesis book, a study circle and a portfolio.

Thesis Essay

Learning projects are often accompanied by a thesis on the theoretical background of the project. The purpose of the thesis is to familiarize yourself with a specific area of the project in a problem-oriented manner and to prepare a clear and as coherent as possible structured written presentation. The subject needs to be limited so that it can and will be studied in depth. The purpose is also to find your own point of view. project – everything in the project does not need to be thought through theory.

From the point of view of the essay, the project plan is agreed. The style of the essay is a learning essay that also allows the incorporation of personal data into the essence of theory.

Study Circle

The combination of theory and practical project activities can also take the form of a study circle. In this case, the study circle is set up to guide the theoretical background of the project. The student in the study circle is a student in a study district, a student of an upper year or a teacher. The first meeting discusses the purpose of the study circle, the ways of working and the commitment to action.

In the study circles, each student in turn introduces a book, chapter or chapter of a book by holding the formatting. After the presentation, the topic will be discussed together, questions and different perspectives will be presented, examples will be discussed, explained and learned in depth. At the end, the discussion can be summarized, for example, in the form of a mind map. Meetings of the study circle are regularly held by agreement. The study circle requires the commitment of its members to work.

Why study circle? Social interaction is very important for learning outcomes. The goal of the group is to teach students to discuss, share, and think. Discussion is about explaining, listening, and answering. In turn, thinking involves problem solving, reasoning and evaluation. Working in a group develops critical thinking and problem-solving skills and promotes understanding. Working in a working group is not just a sum of individual work, but at best the group can achieve much more than students individually.

The effectiveness of the group is based on interaction between individuals. The group is exchanging information and ideas. The group can also act as a mirror in the development of one’s own thinking, such as weaknesses and strengths of reasoning and problem solving strategies. Group work also contributes to personal growth such as self-awareness and confidence. Working with other members of the group helps you understand matters more deeply than working alone.

The combination of theoretical knowledge and practice can also be assessed in an oral exam. The oral exam can be conducted in many different ways in the form of a presentation, peer group questions or discussion, as an individual exam or as a group exam.


A portfolio can be used to reconcile project experience and theory. The portfolio usually includes a lecture or learning diary.

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